About Our Performances

Dates & Times: We typically perform in the evenings (Tuesdays or Fridays) or on the weekends. If you request a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday performance, we generally have classes on those evenings, but we can work to schedule our classes around your event if booked with enough advance notice for our dancers. If you have a preference on a specific date or time, please let us know and we will try to accommodate and get you scheduled! 

Dances: We perform dances in both soft shoes (Reels and Jigs) as well as hard shoes (Hornpipes, Treble Jigs, and More!)

Flooring Note: Because our hard shoes can scuff floors, we have and will bring our painted wood squares that our dancers will perform on to keep your floors happy. They also amplify the sound so your audience members will all be able to clearly hear the beats their fast feet make.

Music: Our music is all stored on apple products (iPhones and iPods), so let us know if you have a sound system that will hook up to these devices. We also have a portable speaker with a microphone, if needed. Just let us know if we should bring this along. 

Special Requests: If you have a specific number of dancers you require or would like us to dedicate a dance or shout-out to someone special, perform a short demo of the Jig or Reel (popular with Kid-Friendly events), or give a Q&A about Irish Dancing with our instructors and/or dancers, just let us know. Please let us know any additional details about your event or what your needs from our dancers are. This is your event, so we will try our best to perform to your needs and go above and beyond your expectations! 

Pricing: Because requests come in all shapes and sizes, we do not have a set pricing structure for performances. We also try our hardest to work within your budget. So just let us know what your budget allows and we will work with you to give you a performance that will knock your socks off no matter the size or the length!

Performance Request

Please submit the following information in order to request a performance. CAID will be in touch as soon as possible regarding availability, pricing, and further details. Thank you for your interest! 

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